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affectus, a state or disposition of mind, affection, mood.*


Dear Prospective Client:

Evaluating our symptoms is a bridge to healing. Symptoms direct us toward the source of our suffering and point us in the direction of our solace. 

Often times, clients enter counseling because they feel there is something wrong with them that needs to be fixed. However, there is nothing wrong. Our symptoms are not markers of failure or brokenness, they are expressions of need.


Emotional duress and mental stress are a doorway or a "calling" for new behaviors and outlooks. When clients work with awareness, focus, and gentle persistence, life improves.


Our bodies have an inherent ability to heal themselves. Our minds do, too. All clients can tap into their own healing and, with counsel, cultivate their strengths and personhood.  

Counseling provides a time to understand our state of mind, affect, or mood. Counseling offers a time to be seen and listened to with undivided attention, commitment, and care.


Counseling creates a time for change




Joaquin Lopez, MS 

Licensed Professional Counselor

State of Oregon, #C7533

*Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary

Photo by Gary Norman

Landscape Photo by Alejandro Carranza

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