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Pain, stress, and trauma can cause restlessness, sleepless nights, loss of pleasure, difficulty concentrating, low self-esteem, and the sense of not being fully present. The body expresses these symptoms accompanied by feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, and shame. These feelings separate us from ourselves and from the people we love. These feelings prevent us from forming loving relationships and hinder our ability to enjoy life. 

In counseling, the client and the counselor enter a mindful and healing professional relationship. This connection is cultivated through the exploration of the client's presenting concerns, feelings, and mental disposition. 

The counselor listens with a clinical understanding while offering insight, therapeutic awareness, and tools for personal development. The client works with honesty, vulnerability, and openness. A desire to change, self-awareness, and regular reflection generate an environment for personal healing and growth. 

Through intimate conversations and the application of tools for personal development, the client gains perspective, acceptance, and tolerance. The client learns to live differently, tending life with soul and care. The mind learns to be at ease.  

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