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Counseling is a Private Practice

The counseling office is a private, relaxed, and quiet space. In this environment, the counselor observes the client's symptoms with care and discernment. The client is at ease knowing that their personal history, affects, and experiences are held with confidentiality. Confidentiality supports the freedom of expression and vulnerability appropriate for understanding and healing.  

The counseling office is a warm, creative, and inviting space for the exploration of personal stories, dreams, and myths. The counselor and the client observe aspects of personality, patterns of behavior, the use of language, and creative imagination. A soulful approach allows the client to feel and explore their inner world. The client gains emotional insight and develops an understanding of the experience called life. The client identifies their values and forges a new identity. The client makes meaning of their existence.  

A Soulful Method to Well Being

Human beings adapt to life. Human beings adopt behaviors to avoid conflict, to fight stressors, or to suppress difficult emotions. Over time, the behaviors cause disease or distress. Behavioral adaptations modify the personality. Behavior tells the story the body holds. 


The client explores their story, restoring a soulful well-being. 

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